Byrne 4-Trac®

The Byrne 4-Trac System® is an economical power distribution solution that is easy to specify, install, and re-configure. 4-Trac table kits are also available and make the system easier than ever to add to your work environment.


  • 4 Wires, 2 circuits, 20 Amps each (Circuit 1 and 2 only)
  • (13) Duplex receptacles per circuit, (26) 15 Amp Duplex receptacles per power infeed maximum
  • 4-Tracs USB Duplex is 2 Amp per port 
  • UL Listed as a Manufactured Wiring System 
  • Requires less space 
  • Easy to install and reconfIgure
  • More economical than 8-Wire System 
  • More subtle than 8-Trac
  • Please contact Byrne's Customer Relations Team to order

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