May 22, 2020

Dear Customers,

After several weeks of Covid-19 shutdown, many businesses are coming out of quarantine and negotiating a plan for how the majority of their employees can return to work quickly and safely – without skipping a beat on productivity.

Given the challenges presented by new social distancing recommendations, it’s a tall order.

We’re calling it the New Space Race – the rush to critically re-evaluate office terrain. How are environments currently being used and how might those spaces be reimagined in this “new normal”? As employers quickly improvise facilities and furnishings for returning employees, power may be easy to overlook, but it’s one of the most critical aspects of any successfully reimagined workplace. Reconfigured spaces will still demand all of the power they relied on before – more in many cases as virtual meetings and some working from home will remain– and that means thinking about power and charging in new ways.

We understand what organizations are up against and we’re here to help. Right now.

In fact, as an essential supplier, Byrne has been here the whole time – delivering much-needed healthcare power solutions and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers and those on the front lines during our state’s Stay-At-Home orders. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to support our communities over these past few months, and now it’s important to let reopening businesses know that we’re here and ready for them too.

Employers are going to need smart solutions that distribute power away from walls with easy accessibility – above the desktop, below, and along the floor – all at 72” spacing to accommodate CDC and MIOSHA social distancing requirements. Byrne offers a wide range of built-in as well as portable options to keep employees connected, indoors and out. We can help power multiple tables with just one outlet, and rethink conference rooms for a less dense “shared power” experience. And where large panel dividers are being used, we have products to seamlessly bridge any breaks in power access.

Social distancing may be putting more space between people, but it shouldn’t be a barrier to productivity. With the right power in place, video conferencing and other shared meeting platforms allow teams to continue collaborating – across a building or across the globe. And for those working remotely, we can help turn any space into a powerfully productive home office for as long as it’s needed.

Byrne is the one-stop-shop power resource to help organizations get back to work…fast. From undermount and edgemount personal power to freestanding power units and the latest USB and wireless charging solutions. We have ready-to-go preconfigured kits and custom system solutions too. Need help configuring power in reconfigured spaces? Send us your layout and our team of experts will provide solutions that fit your needs – within 24 hours. Even before the Covid-19 crisis, Byrne offered the fastest lead times in the industry. Now, as many manufacturers are waiting to start up, we’re already geared up to deliver power solutions as quickly as our customers need them.

There’s no doubt that today’s challenges are real. And that’s why we’re here – to deliver the expertise our customers need to not simply survive, but thrive as we negotiate this new landscape together. For more information on any Byrne product or special power considerations during this time, please reach out to a Byrne sales representative or a member of our world-class customer support team.