As the Leaves Change Colors, Byrne Stays Green

October 25, 2013 @ 8:00 AM

Just in time for the changing seasons, Byrne has celebrated the grand opening of its new employee patio.


As a leader in the green movement, the patio was designed as an eco-friendly add-on to Byrne. Some of the unique features of this addition include:

Heated Floors: The concrete is heated using hot water from our molding department. Previously, this heat was wasted energy. Now it will be repurposed as a source of free snow and ice removal. This also helps keep the entry way into Byrne clean by eliminating the tracking of salt and sand in that would otherwise be needed in the winter.

Covered Roof: The new covered portion of the patio extends the number of usable days per year by providing shelter. The steel used for the project was recycled, coming originally from "Wayne's World" which was a room located above the Tool + Design Center that was previously used by maintenance for storage and an office. The roof is covered with vegetation, reflecting instead of absorbing sunlight and keeping the space beneath cooler.

Smoking and Non-Smoking Areas: The lower patio that is covered by the roof is designated for non-smoking. This area is recessed lower than the smoking area, helping to keep it smoke free. Located adjacent to the smoke room of Plant 1, the higher level of the patio is for smoking. This space is adjacent to the smoke room of Plant 1. This smoke room also received a garage door to allow much better ventilation during the warmer months.

Gardens: The entire patio is surrounded by different types of trees, shrubs, vines and bushes. When this grows in, it will provide a beautiful border to the patio which will make it feel more like a park than a parking lot.

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