Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

August 20, 2020 @ 11:10 AM

At Byrne, the products we make are all about connections. People coming together – with ideas, information, and each other. And with over 50 years of experience and innovation behind us, we understand the true power of these connections, inside and out.

Given the current Covid-19 constraints of social distancing, finding ways to keep individuals engaged and connected in open workspaces is certainly posing some major challenges. These social issues, combined with the need to reconfigure many environments in order to accommodate the proper separations needed, have employers, school districts and others searching for the products and expertise to help solve our new space puzzles.

Byrne is stepping in to help with a product we call Powered Fence. Half partition, half power source, Powered Fence is a whole new way to keep individuals safely plugged into technology – and each other – today.

Powered Fence delivers the critical desktop defense open environments need, without splitting up healthy collaboration. It’s designed with a 24” acrylic barrier – to meet CDC height recommendations – while allowing for clear sightlines. It also offers three integrated personal power outlets within easy reach – no sharing required. The design is ideal for creating division between individual desks and tables, but is also a great way to convert larger surfaces and conference tables to multi-person work areas.

A perfect fit for offices, schools, libraries and other environments struggling to meet new spacing recommendations, its robust, see-through design helps define personal territory while keeping laptops, phones and other devices powered and ready to go. Easy to incorporate, Powered Fence is one smart solution to divide – and conquer – any open workspace.

For more information, or to set up a time to talk with us about any space challenges right now, please contact: Lisa Zabavski at 616.240.3589.

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