April 2, 2018 @ 11:15 AM


For power that comes to you, sit where you like—not just where the plugs are. Introducing Nightcap, new and improved, putting power right in your hands.


When the need for access to power is so big, it may surprise you that our solution is so…small. Nightcap is perfectly positioned—and perfectly sized—to bring the power to you with a simple pullout design that’s easily integrated into any desktop or piece of furniture. Ideal for soft seating, this powerfully convenient solution neatly stows away when not in use for a clean, concealed look.


Nightcap is also available in a variety of fresh, on-trend colors and braided cord patterns—to happily blend or pop in any space!


This is a new version of nightcap that is UL Listed and rated for 15 amps. It includes a new grommet for soft seating installation, the plastic ring is available in black and white, it now comes in Byrne plastic colors and braided cord. It also comes standard with a 10ft cord but can be sold in all lengths.

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