No Power Adapter - No Problem: USB Charging for iPad from Byrne

Uncommonly Small, Unexpectedly Powerful!
May 9, 2012 @ 8:00 AM
no power

Today, it seems like almost all mobile electronics have the ability to charge using a USB cable. However, it also seems like they all have different power adapters that deliver varying amounts of electricity. It gets confusing keeping track of all of them.

Forget the brick and plug in to Byrne's new USB Charger, serving up two (2) USB-A charging ports which share a total of 1000 mA for refueling a wide variety of mobile devices including; cell phones, tablets including iPad®, e-Readers, digital audio players including iPod® and other mobile electronics.

The USB Charger can be added to a wide variety of Byrne Power/Data Centers such as Mho, Axil, Assemble and Ohm. Samples will be available shortly, just in time for NeoCon.

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