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August 28, 2020 @ 11:29 AM

After years of debate on the subject, the results are in: working from home is working!

During this pandemic, technology for videoconferencing and other forms of digital collaboration has been adopted faster than most people would’ve ever anticipated. And the results have been better than imagined too. According to McKinsey research, 80% of people say they enjoy working from home now, with 28% reporting that they’re at least as productive as their office counterparts – and a whopping 41% percent claiming to be even more productive than before.

Yes, for many, working from home is definitely the way to go. But it’s not without its challenges.

We all know that power is only as good as it is close, and with more people working from home than ever before, that can get a bit complicated. Remote workers find themselves sharing their “offices” with a spouse, children or other relatives – and many of those offices look quite a bit like a kitchen table or one end of the sofa. There’s a whole lot of togetherness out there right now. And a lot of technology, too. You’ve got family members all hunting for a place to plug in – and that access to power is not optional.

Byrne’s Twine® and Hydra® plug-and-play kits are two of the easiest ways to solve for big power needs. They provide loads of power and charging above and below the worksurface, with popular Byrne Dean and Burelé Qi accessories built right in. And power access is spaced out with the elbow room multiple users need to get stuff done. Attractive. Durable. And the best part?

Only one outlet is needed to power the whole kit – and a whole crew. No tools required!

Hydra® Kit

Twine® Kit

In fact, Byrne has an outstanding selection of powerful plug and play solutions for the entire home. Products like Trippel, Apparatus, Miki, and wireless Qi charging accessories including Dean and Burelé. Again, only one cord, one outlet needed, and tool-free installation. These freestanding desktop products are also a great way to open up the larger discussion of a comprehensive power plan for remote workers, with Byrne as the one-stop, one-shop resource. From integrated, built-in solutions for kitchen counters or end tables, to power on the move – in seating, on patios, up at the cabin, wherever – we’re here to give customers exactly what they need. All with the fastest lead times in the industry and no minimum quantities needed.

According to 2020 research, the average person now owns and uses 3.23 connected devices – phones, watches, tablets, laptops, and more. And if you think that’s a lot of tech, by 2030, it’s predicted that the average person will own and use 15 connected devices!

There’s no doubt about it – technology is here to stay. And as many of us have quickly learned for ourselves, working from home is here to stay too.

With smart, user-friendly solutions like Twine and Hydra in convenient ready-and-go kits, Byrne is the industry leader to power all of this work-from-home productivity – whenever, wherever and however work happens.

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