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Making a Real Connection

December 26, 2012 @ 7:04 AM

Like so many other stories here at Byrne, this one began with a good idea. Architect Clint Strong had been struggling with the problem of how to get power and data from the center of his clients’ work spaces to the wall. And then the light bulb went on. Soon Strong had his concept for a sort of “speed bump” that would protect those cords and cables running from the middle of conference tables and other group work spaces, and direct them to the perimeter of the room where they could join existing power and data lines. No raised floors or permanent installation needed. It was a good idea, to be sure… but where to go from there? Strong was already familiar with Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc. As an architect, he had specified Byrne products for years. Although he was certainly in uncharted territory, he was anxious to begin the dialogue with a team he believed could help. The result was a true partnership from day one.

In Byrne, Strong found a dynamic work environment dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. A family-owned business– pioneering at its core – Byrne fostered a collaboration that welcomed innovative thinking… and doing. With Strong as part of the core team, Byrne took on ideation for the product. What shape should it be? What size? They brought decades of product development experience to bear. From injection molding to manufacturing, they helped Strong get the job done. Byrne even handled getting it UL listed. Soon, that idea had gone from a sketch to a working prototype to a production run component ready for orders in the marketplace. Connectrac the product – and company – was born. Strong left his work as an architect to devote full-time attention to this new venture, and Connectrac even won a 2005 Best of Neocon Silver award that year at the office furniture industry’s most prestigious trade event. Find out more about Connectrac at

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