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December 26, 2012 @ 7:02 AM

At Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc., it’s often been said that they’re really a service company… not simply a manufacturing company. And that is certainly evident in the work they’ve done to help improve business for their own clients. West Michigan office furniture manufacturer, Trendway, had a problem. Three problems, actually. First, they were incurring unnecessary costs carrying electrical components in inventory that weren’t being used in the short term. They were also tying up valuable floor space with products awaiting shipment. And finally, due to employees not being experienced with electrical components, a few shipping errors were occurring. Byrne stepped in and proposed that they move Trendway’s electrical components distribution into Byrne’s own facility where Byrne could act as a just-in-time fulfillment resource, building necessary parts as required. In this new scenario, Byrne would receive orders from Trendway and fill the orders on demand – even boxing and labeling the parts as if they were sent directly from Trendway’s own facility. The need for P.O.s would go away and this very lean process would help eliminate waste for the customer. The concept wasn’t new. Byrne had been providing a Ready-Ship program to several of its customers for some time. But the idea was certainly a new one for Trendway, and there were some serious reservations expressed by their management team. Trendway had their own Quick Ship programs in place with time frames well inside Byrne’s existing delivery times. Trendway would need Byrne to cut lead times in half – right out of the gate – to meet their company’s program demands.

So, after a week-long work session at Byrne during which Trendway’s logistics manager helped the Byrne team map out the process, both companies were ready to give it a try. In those early days, Byrne and Trendway even built up a cushion of in-stock products… just in case. But they were never needed. Over time, Byrne’s distribution lead time has gone from 10 days, to 5 days, to 3-days… with many express orders shipped same day. Byrne has proven they could meet – and exceed – Trendway’s expectations and bring about real value in an unexpected way.

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