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Striving to BMOR

December 26, 2012 @ 7:03 AM

Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc. had been keeping a Move Out Report for years, but the document appeared to have served only as a way for the company to track those orders they weren’t able to deliver on time. In other words, the order for which they had to “move out” the completion date. So, a few years ago, the management team at Byrne decided that the time had come for the move out report to do more… to BMOR. And the Byrne Move Out Report was born. The company was going to put forth a new challenge to hold their suppliers – and themselves – to a higher standard. Byrne would eliminate waste in all areas of the company and streamline the order fulfillment process, as required. After a period of management training and getting all the employees up to speed, there was a new found excitement throughout the company about not letting even one deadline slip. Since the program’s inception, employees have gone to some extraordinary lengths to maintain their 100% on-time status – from working overtime and modifying products on the fly, to jumping in their own cars and driving parts to the airport to assure a time departure.

Despite those great efforts, however, Dan Byrne, Managing Director of Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc., stresses that this isn’t about the company’s success. Instead, he asserts that it’s just about the customer… and standing behind what you say. At its heart, the BMOR program – and the company itself – supports the philosophy that it’s not enough to simply provide the customer with what they need – the best strategic partners are driven to deliver what the customer wants. To date, Byrne’s BMOR record is 148 consecutive days. The last record was celebrated with a party for employees, but for the Byrne company family, the real prize is a job well done. Many jobs well done, in fact.

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