Pattern for Desk

Pattern makes it a cinch to generously space power across any busy work environment to just where it’s needed. This clever kitted solution is perfect for height-adjustable desking, benching, perimeter tables and more. Side by side or back to back. And the big surprise? Pattern only needs a single outlet to get the job done. No hardwiring, no hassle. Just choose a small, medium or large kit based of your desk size ¬– in 2, 4, and 6-piece accessory packs. Curly or extended cord options easily solve for height differences too. 15 Amp corded infeed. All the power you need, all in one kit. Now, that’s a Pattern worth repeating.


Pattern for Conference

Pattern is our kitted superstar that powers any collaborative center with easy access around the table perimeter – right where you need it. Just choose the best kit size for your crew with 4, 6, or even 8 mounted accessories. But here’s the big surprise. Pattern only requires a single outlet to get the job done. Its mighty 15 Amp corded infeed installs at either the edge or center of the table…whatever works for you. No hardwiring, no hassle. For the generously-spaced power your busy conference room needs, Pattern does it all – all from one box.


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