If you need to access multiple desktop power accessories in a single work surface area, but don't have the power supply to make it happen, then Sequence is for you. Sequence allows users to connect one Byrne desktop power solution to the next—providing power for all in the series. Designed with reconfiguration in mind—and no restrictions—Sequence helps make any workspace work better for you and your team.

Standard Features:

  • Single circuit power
  • 12 Amp system rating
  • 15 Amp power cord with 15 Amp over-current protection
  • Up to 8 duplex devices & must be connected in sequence
  • 40 ft. maximum total length
  • UL Listed Powered Table System Component 
  • RoHS compliancy available upon request; Cradle to Cradle
  • Please contact Byrne Customer Relations to order.

Find out more about what Sequence can do for you by calling our Customer Relations Team  at (616) 866-3461.

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