Cambio Wonderbar

Are your power and data needs as diverse as the country you live in? Cambio is Byrne's solution to true power diversification in the workplace, allowing the use of multiple receptacle types within one system. Wonderbar's streamlined design allows it to be mounted along a work surface edge, directly onto the wall, or below the table top. Fully scalable and customizable, Wonderbar easily accomodates the changing technology demands of any work environment.

Cambio is an international, single-circuit, modular electrical system designed to configure into any furniture system. It allows for rapid installation and quick disconnection as needed—making it not only a flexible solution, but a cost-effective one. Each receptacle block offers two outlet positions designed to accommodate a variety of international receptacle types. Receptacle blocks can be mounted in various applications including panels as thin as 10mm thick using snap-fit installation, cable/wire trays under workstations, desktop power/data accessories and floorboxes.  


• Data mounting options available

• Each receptacle block allows access to 20A/250V

• Meets IEC standards

• Available in modular connector and plug versions

• Cambio is IEC 60529 IP4X rated

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