Ellora Well™

Ellora Well provides a spot for everything and everyone. MacBook power bricks need extra room. Ellora Well is the first insurface power product with that in mind. Ellora Well’s lid can close while in use – concealing bulky power bricks, USB & USB-C ports, data, and extra cords, keeping your conference space clean. And tidy. And powered.

Standard Features:

  • Power + Charging USB + USB A+C
  • 4 or 6 window configurations
  • Requires cutout in the work surface

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Product Number: BE06031-3-1-Z781-M1-72

Configured part Images are illustrations, not actual product.

Data cables for open ports are sold separately. Click here to purchase.

Quantity pricing for current configuration:

1 – 9 units
10 – 99 units
100+ units
Please contact Byrne Customer Relations at (800) 999-3567 for more information.

Specification Sheet

Product Options
3 Power / 1 USB Charger
3 Power / 1 USB Charger
Matte Storm
Matte Storm
  • Matte White
  • Matte Fog
  • Matte Storm
72 Inches (Corded)
72 Inches (Corded)
  • 72 Inches (Corded)
  • 120 Inches (Corded)

Configuration Suggestion

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