CircuiTrac® is a comprehensive, cost-effective, and fully integrated energy management system that has the ability to control the use of electrical power within the office environment. As energy costs have risen, so has awareness by facility managers. Energy is a business asset to be actively maintained. This understanding has lead Byrne to innovate a powerful solution for work environments.


Integrated or Standalone

CircuiTrac™ can be configured to communicate with existing building management systems using BACnet protocols, or it can be installed independently as an effective standalone control-only energy management system.

ASHRAE Compliant

Soon businesses will be required to comply with ASHRAE 90.1-2017, which mandates a greater level of energy control and management.

Title 24 Compliant

CircuiTrac™ is Title 24 Compliant for energy efficiency.


A Shift in Thinking

Supporting a Culture of Awareness

CircuiTrac™ brings sustainability directly to each employee's workstation helping to support a culture of resource conservation awareness.

Actionable Knowledge

Knowledge of wasted resources becomes constructive when management systems are in place that enables the control of energy use. CircuiTrac delivers both information and an effective means of acting constructively on it.


There was a time when green was just a color. As its meaning has broadened, companies that have stayed ahead of their customers' demand for sustainability are the recognized leaders.


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