Hospital Grade Axil

Hospital Grade Axil® 

Axil is Byrne's most popular, desktop accessory, delivering power right where you need it. Axil delivers a fresh, modern design with a sturdy aluminum construction. Easy to install, edge mounted or under the worksurface, or sold as a free standing unit that can go anywhere. Axil turns any furniture into powered, hardworking furniture. 

Standard + Hospital Grade Features:

  • Mounting: edge of work surface, under surface, or freestanding
  • Edge Mount Fits in tops 3/4" to 1 - 7/16" thick
  • Available in black and white powder coated finishes with PC/PBT Plastic
  • PC/PBT Plastic helps Axil stand up to healthcare cleaning solutions
  • Features Byrne’s Hospital Grade Simplexes
  • Configurations with four or more power receive a Circuit Breaker Cord
  • UL Listed
What makes our products perfect for medical facilities?
  • Our hospital grade outlets have been designed for use throughout the hospital facility outside the critical and general patient care areas.
  • Our color-matched enclosures meet numerous agency approvals for performance and safety. They are stain resistant and durable against powerful cleaners.

Making powerful connections is who we are. Our wide range of power and charging products, and our 50-year history of innovative solutions has made us experts in creating products that stand up in the toughest environments. From design through development to delivery our hospital grade products are built not to meet industry standards, but exceed industry standards.

Learn more about our healthcare capabilities here.

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