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  • Cambio Wonderbar

    Welcome to a world without barriers. The Cambio system from Byrne takes power and data to international heights, and with Wonderbar, that flexibility to work anywhere means anywhere in the office, too. Wonderbar's streamlined design allows it to be mounted along a work surface edge, directly onto the wall, or below the table top. Fully scalable and customizable, Wonderbar easily accomodates the changing technology demands of any work environment. 

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  • Cambio Ellora

    Are your power and data needs as diverse as the country you live in? Cambio is Byrne's solution to true power diversification in the workplace, allowing the use of multiple receptacle types within one system. Ellora offers the same reliable, functional and aesthetically-driven design that Byrne's technology centers are known for—with the added ability to customize the outlets to best suit your needs. Ellora delivers a customizable power/data solution that really speaks your language, wherever you are. 

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  • Empower Tool

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