Smartphone Docking Station

The power is in the palm of your hand... well, for as long as your Smartphone can hold a charge. Byrne now makes it easier and more convenient than ever to charge, sync and listen to your Smartphone with the® Docking Station. Available in many of Byrne Power/Data Centers,® accepts all iPhones® and iPods® and most Smart Phones without the need for pesky, easy-to-lose adapters. Once docked, Smart Phones will charge and also have the ability to sync with a connected computer.  

Standard Features:
  • All needed cables are included.
  • Can be purchased with Mho, Axil X and Assemble.
  • Mho & Assemble available online with Docking Station.
  •® technology.
  • The Lightning Connector works with iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad Air (4th generation), iPad mini with Retina display, iPad Mini, iPod touch (5th generation, and iPod nano (7th generation)
  • Micro USB supports version supports most other Smartphones, including Samsung, LG and Droid.
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