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  • Byrne 8-Trac®

    The Byrne 8-Trac System® can be utilized in modular furniture, ceiling applications, floor-to-ceiling partitions, and even raised floors. The system will accommodate panel applications of 2˝ to 3.5˝ thick with harnesses available from 12˝ to 1800˝ in length. Assemblies are 100% electrically tested to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

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  • Byrne 4-Trac®

    The Byrne 4-Trac System® is an economical power distribution solution that is easy to specify, install, and re-confgure. 4-Trac table kits are also available and make the system easier than ever to add to your work environment.

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  • Phase 3®

    Phase 3 puts the power back into your customers’ hands when it comes to flexibility, eficiency, and the bottom line. Whether powering a new panel or refurbishing an existing one, installation is—quite literally—a snap. Phase 3’s intuitive, adaptable design allows users to create endless confgurations at costs competitive to hardwiring and with three dedicated circuits, it delivers all the power they need. Fewer parts and an entirely modular design support today’s sustainable, reconfgurable workplace. Simply purchase the parts you need, and when your needs change, just disconnect, reconfgure, and you’re back in business. Phase 3 is engineered to keep installation easy and reliable—time after time—regardless of the installer. In short, it’s safe, simple, and smarter than anything else available in the market today.

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  • Byrne Interlink iQ

    The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but it’s not always the most productive. Byrne Interlink iQ is a non-sequential power system that allows users to “daisy chain” multiple power centers together—connecting up to 8 power/data centers off of one infeed. Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms...any place where people come together. The system includes LED indicators that illuminate green when you’re connected and ready to plug in. (A red light means that you’ve linked too many units.) With its hard-working construction and easy-to-use interface, Interlink iQ makes group work easier than ever.

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  • Twine

    Sleek, flexible, and all-together nifty. This corded system delivers conveniently mounted, and below-surface power and USB to multiple users in a range of settings. Twine is what every extension cord would like to be when it grows up. With just one sleek infeed, this system can elegantly power up to 6 Byrne accessories. It comes in a stylish black finish with multiple integrated accessories available. to suit your design needs.

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  • CircuiTrac®

    CircuiTrac® is a comprehensive, cost effective, and fully integrated energy management system that has the ability control the use of electrical power within the office environment.



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  • Height Adjustable Twine Kits

    This Byrne Twine assembly is designed for Height Adjustable Desks

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