Byrne Interlink iQ

The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but it’s not always the most productive. Byrne Interlink iQ is a non-sequential power system that allows users to “daisy chain” multiple power centers together—connecting up to 8 power/data centers off of one infeed. Perfect for classrooms, conference rooms...any place where people come together. The system includes LED indicators that illuminate green when you’re connected and ready to plug in. (A red light means that you’ve linked too many units.) With its hard-working construction and easy-to-use interface, Interlink iQ makes group work easier than ever.

System Features:

  • Listed solutions
  • Modular connections: it all comes together in a snap!
  • Connect up to 8 power/data centers off of one infeed: a highly-capable and robust system
  • Non-sequential: arrange and rearrange quickly and easily, in any order you want
  • Works with many Byrne power/data centers: a range of styles to suit your style
  • System status indicator: green light means go, red light indicates too many units connected
  • Customizable infeed cord lengths: get the power where you need it
  • Please contact Byrne Customer Relations to order.
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