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Have your ever seen a fish like this?

We might not be able to customize your goldfish, but you bet we can customize one of our products just for you!

Don't see what you want? Let us customize something for you!

Customize a Product
  • Charge & Sync Cables

    When a shorter cable length will do the job, Charge & Sync Cables are the perfect solution. No more twisted cords here—these compact cables measure a handy 8 inches in length. 


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  • Mika

    Beautifully formed in solid Aluminium, Mika has soft rubber edges to protect your devices. From large phones like the Galaxy Note to tablets of all sizes, including the Nexus 7, iPad and iPad Mini, Mika is the all-purpose stand for propping up digital devices. Mika can even accommodate the complete range of MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro laptops. Mika integrates seamlessly into your desktop. It provides the perfect resting place for your tablet or laptop, keeping your workspace neat and tidy and ready for whatever the day holds. Mika has been designed to hold your tablet at an ergonomic angle, allowing you to access applications, surf the web, watch videos or read with ease.


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  • Milo

    Milo is the ideal place to rest your smartphone. High-tech Japanese Micro-Suction pads hold your device at the perfect angle for hands-free conferencing, watching videos or utilizing apps. Micro-Suction is a series of tiny suction cups that adhere to any hard, smooth, flat surface without leaving behind a residue.   Milo works best on smooth surfaces, gripping securely to glass, plastic, finished wood, metal, laminate and other non-porous tabletops. To use with a textured or soft-silicone case, simply rest your device against the bottom lip. Milo is available in Black, White, Aluminium Black and Aluminium White. 


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  • Soba

    Soba zips loose cables up and consolidates them into a single tube that can be routed and affixed along walls, under desks, anywhere you have multiple cables running that you want to tidy up. The proprietary zipper tool, twists on to the tube to help open and route cables, while Vortex technology auto-coils the tube behind the passing zipper to bundle cables inside. Soba can accommodate large or small cables, up to three cables at once.

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  • Level II®

    No matter how organized you are, wire management never seems to have an easy or pretty solution. With the all new Level, Byrne takes care of easy and pretty, while adding security. Level's multi-tiered system incorporates your existing, everyday power strips or can make use of Byrne's UL-listed power solutions. To order Level I, III, or IV, contact Byrne Customer Relations.

    By adding a clear anodized aluminum approach cover and cord management devices, Level II creates an attractive way to conceal and manage cords. 



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  • Ellora Storage Tray

    Byrne's popular Ellora® power data center keeps cable clutter out of sight by allowing use while the lid is shut. The Ellora Storage Tray brings it all together by managing cords beneath the work surface, as well. The Ellora Storage Tray is an easy-to-install, simple solution for cord management. While it was designed specifically to fit Ellora, it can also be used as a wire management tool wherever there is unwanted cords beneath the work surface.


    • Cable Management box
    • Mounts under the work surface to contain cords
    • Designed to fit beneath an Ellora power data center
    • Can also be used for wire management in other applications
    • Screws are not included 
    • Finish: Black Wrinkle

    Fore more information, please contact Byrne Customer Relations.

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  • Empower Tool

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