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  • Hospital Grade

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  • Tamper Resistant Receptacle

    Tamper Resistant Receptacles were developed as a solution for keeeping children safe. Designed to limit access to the hot and neutral contacts and, as a result, reduce the risk of inserting foreign objects and getting shocked. This is accomplished with shutters that cover the hot and neutral openings, that will only allow plugs to be inserted when both shutters have pressure applied simultaneously. According to the NEC 2014 Requirements, Tamper Resistant Receptacles are requied in dwellings (residential market), guest rooms and guest suites of hotels and motels, and designated pediatric locations.

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  • Smartphone Docking Station

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  • Charge & Sync Cables

    When a shorter cable length will do the job, Charge & Sync Cables are the perfect solution. No more twisted cords here—these compact cables measure a handy 8 inches in length. 


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