Replaceable Surge Protection Plug Head


Available to be configured with the following products:

Integrated surge protection is a familiar, and often critical component in many power strips on the market today. Without this fundamental piece of protection, electrical surges can pose a danger to plugged in devices, and an increased fire risk too. But surge protectors have a maximum amount of energy they can dissipate, which means they actually wear out over time - and need to be replaced about every 2 years.

Byrne’s Replaceable Surge Protection is a fundamentally different solution because it was expressly designed to replace only one small part, instead of throwing out the entire power unit. 

Offering 1000 joules of surge protection and overcurrent protection, our small replaceable cartridge is found in the plug head which makes it easy to swap out. Simple and straightforward, when the light on the unit turns red, it means there’s no longer any surge protection left, and once replaced, a green light will let you know you’re safely ready to roll.

Today, thoughtful product design means taking all aspects of a product’s lifecycle into consideration, including what happens when that product is no longer useful. Small but mighty, Replaceable Surge not only outlasts any other surge protection on the market, it‘s driven by sustainability – requiring users to replace just a single cartridge rather than sending an entire surge strip (and all that plastic) to the landfill.

It’s time to say goodbye to wasted materials, wasted dollars, waste in general – and hello to a smarter way to protect everything you plug in. With Replaceable Surge Protection, you don’t need to throw out much of anything…but the old way of thinking.