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  • Dean

    Dean is so smooth... it's positively seamless. With a solid faceplate construction and a simple block profile, Dean is charged with clean, modern energy. Dean mounts easily to the edge of your work surface, and is perfect for charging your desktop devices. Dean comes standard with 15 amp power and dual charging USB options in 2, 3, or 5 port configurations. Looking for a little color? Dean is also offered in a stylish range of on-trend, molded plastic finishes. 

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  • Willow™

    Elegant in its simplicity, Willow takes the modern feel of clean painted steel and wraps it in the warmth of timeless domestic hardwood. With a variety of stylish faceplate colors and sleek wood finish options, you’re sure to find just the right combination to suit any space. Single power simplex and dual-port charging USB included. Willow’s compact, monument-style design delivers easy, corded power wherever you choose to plug in. 

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  • Burelé®

    Burelé® is a stylish member of the MyPower family that brings customizability to a new level. The removable top surface can be customized with an endless range of materials or graphics, while its remaining sides offer a sleek, high-gloss plastic finish. The possibilities for plugging in are also extensive with configurations available for power, data and USB. There’s even a 2 port, 2AMP per port, USB duplex – perfect for charging tablets and other USB-friendly electronics.

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  • Burelé® (2 Port)

    Work no longer happens just here. Or only there. Now, people talk across an ocean as easily as sharing a conference room. It’s all about connection. That’s why Burelé lives up here on the worksurface—where work gets done. With blended power options, including USB-C for phones, tablets and more. And while it’s up here, it’s free to express itself, with patterned cords and lids that can be personalized with color, artwork, messaging… whatever inspires you. It’s your power, after all.
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  • Moiré

    Moiré packs a fashionable - and functional - punch in any workplace. Moiré is a member of the MyPower family, bringing customizability to a new level.  With its removable, customizable top, the creative possibilities for texture or pattern are endless. Moiré also features a sophisticated, high-gloss plastic finish. A range of power, data and USB configurations are available as well - including a 2 port, 2 AMP per port, USB duplex that's ideal for charging tablets and other USB-friendly electronics. Offered in mounting options: Monument, Side and Hole mount. Moiré is UL listed and is available in 15 amp cord.

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  • Tully

    Traditional desk spaces aren’t the only places people like to work anymore. Comfortable, flexible work spaces with soft furniture have replaced
    conference rooms and desk chairs for connecting and collaboration. Tully tucks right into those comfortable spaces with you, to keep you
    powered no matter where or how you’re working. Work environments might change, but the need to stay charged and connected won’t.
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  • Axil® M

    Axil® M provides freestanding desktop power that allows you to easily plug in laptops, phones and more—without fishing under the table. 

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  • Axil® X

    Axil® X is Byrne's hardworking, horizontal-mount desktop accessory that delivers power and data right where you need it. Axil X delivers a fresh look in a range of new colors, but with all the same great capabilities. For clean, modern design and easy installation, Axil X marks the spot.

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  • Dot™

    The simple and stylish Dot is perfect for charging your laptop, phone, tablet or other devices and is easily mounted to your worksurface. Attaching Dot to your desktop or benching system requires no cutouts and no installation. Simply slide Dot onto the edge of your worksurface, screw the clamps tightly, and plug in. Dot comes standard with a combination of Power and Dual Charging USB. Available with 2, 3, or 5 outlets, featuring round simplexes, fresh new color options, and beautiful anodized aluminum. 


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  • Axil® Y

    Axil® Y is Byrne's hardworking vertical-mount, clamp-on desktop power and data accessory. Expandable in capacity and customizable with a wide range of embedded options, Axil Y takes easy-install power solutions to new heights.

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  • Garcia

    Low-profile, low-voltage Garcia has two mounting styles to easily blend into your work surface and bring power where you need it. Whether edge-mounted on top of your work surface or hanging out below, Garcia's subtle design easily powers tablets, cell phones, and more. 


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  • Assemble®

    Assemble® is an edgy solution to desktop power and data needs that takes your business where you want to go—even if it's just from one room to the next. 

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  • Assemble® Reveal

    A great new addition to the Assemble family—with no on-surface holes to drill or cut.

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  • Mini-Tap®

    The Minitap Power provides 2 outlets that can be mounted, with the key slots, so as to put the power near the edge of the worksurface. A great option for those applications where the desire is to not cut into the worksurface and still offer power.

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  • Quadtap

    In a world where there never seems to be enough outlets to power everyday gadgets, Quadtap is a convenient and stealthy ally. Easily hidden behind or beneath a piece of furniture, Quadtap acts as the perfect middleman providing power to electrical accessories without bulky extension cords or adding outlets. Simply attach to a piece of furniture, connect to power, and plug in up to four electrical devices. It is perfect for nightstands, desks, and media centers.

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  • Level II®

    No matter how organized you are, wire management never seems to have an easy or pretty solution. With the all new Level, Byrne takes care of easy and pretty, while adding security. Level's multi-tiered system incorporates your existing, everyday power strips or can make use of Byrne's UL-listed power solutions. To order Level I, III, or IV, contact Byrne Customer Relations.

    By adding a clear anodized aluminum approach cover and cord management devices, Level II creates an attractive way to conceal and manage cords. 



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