When it comes to sustainability, Byrne’s approach is a simple one—never stop improving.

When it comes to sustainability, Byrne’s approach is a simple one—never stop improving.

Our efforts as a green manufacturer have always been about “walking the talk". We're committed to building products and processes we can be proud of in a place we love to call home.


We source from local suppliers where possible to limit our footprint and require all of them to meet the highest sustainability standards.  

We’re the first and only power supplier to obtain Cradle-to-Cradle certification, which requires products to be safe, responsibly made and truly circular by ensuring end of life recyclability.  

Down in the basement, we have an in-house lifecycle testing lab where our experts rigorously test until we can be sure our products will stand the test of time. 

Due to recent health concerns, we know that PVC free products are a priority. That’s why Byrne power accessories can be requested as PVC free to support bids that require it.  


We use lean manufacturing processes and utilize Kaizen events regularly, focused on reducing waste and continuous improvement. 

Our packaging is simple, but effective. We leave out the frills because it’s easier to reduce our waste. 

Each year, we host auditors to come into our facilities and evaluate our processes to ensure we are upholding their standards and are continuously improving our procedures. We continue to exceed standards each year.

We track our emissions to make better choices and remain transparent in our operations. 


Our Michigan roots run deep. Founded by Norman and Rosemary Byrne in 1971, we’ve been proud Michigan residents from the beginning. 

Donating to nearby schools, buying from West Michigan businesses, and being a part of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce are just some of the ways we immerse ourselves in the local culture. 

We like to keep things close to home. Many of who we work with have ties to West Michigan, and that bond brings us better partnerships. 

Our offices in Rockford got an upgrade in 2020 with water-saving plumbing, energy efficient fixtures, and more, which supports our environmentally responsible initiatives. 

Byrne's utilization of the brownfield location, Pickle Docks, in Lakeview, MI, exemplifies sustainable development. Through innovative practices, Byrne transformed the once-abandoned site into a hub of sustainability. By prioritizing energy efficiency, renewable resources, and green infrastructure, Byrne not only revitalized the area but also minimizes environmental impact, fostering a more resilient and vibrant community for generations to come.


At Byrne, we recognize the environmental challenges associated with plastic production, yet we are committed to manufacturing high-quality, durable products that far outlast cheaper alternatives. Even beyond our immediate operations, we encourage our suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, amplifying our commitment to sustainability. This comprehensive approach underscores our efforts to balance the necessity of plastic in our product lineup with our commitment to a healthier planet and a sustainable future.








Intertek Clean Air Gold



Powerful Progress


Pallet Recycling Program

There’s no sense in wasting a good pallet. We decided to put an end to our pallet contribution to the landfill in 2023 and began participating in a recycling program with Kamps Pallets, founded in Grand Rapids, MI. They take our pallets, repair any that need it, and give them back for us to reuse again and again 

In-House LEED Certification

In 2021, Byrne celebrated becoming LEED Certified for our office renovations to our spaces in Rockford, MI. Not only did this showcase our commitment to sustainability improvements, but was a tribute to Liz Wirgau, our late facilities and design manager at Byrne.  

Going For Gold

We have renewed our certification with Intertek Clean Air Gold. This certification measures the environmental impact of product VOC emissions for Indoor Air Quality. Our customers can breathe easy knowing our products meet these requirements. 

50+ Byrne Products Now BIFMA LEVEL Certified

It’s now even easier to specify our products into Green building projects such as LEED or WELL Building. 6 new products have been added to our repertoire of BIFMA LEVEL e3 Certifications.  



The first of its kind, ETL listed, surge protection solution with the simplicity and sustainability you desire. Its cutting-edge surge protection that not only outlasts all others on the market, but also allows you to replace a single cartridge rather than sending an entire product to the landfill. 


Reuse the Regrind

Our products are designed with recyclability in mind. We recently transitioned into using plastic regrind to mold into grommet rings for our hole-mount products like Salt® and Pepper®. 

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