Traditional desk spaces aren’t the only places people like to work anymore. Comfortable, flexible work spaces with soft furniture have replaced
conference rooms and desk chairs for connecting and collaboration. Tully tucks right into those comfortable spaces with you, to keep you
powered no matter where or how you’re working. Work environments might change, but the need to stay charged and connected won’t.

Product Number: BE05370-1-2-09-B603-UC2-120

Configured part Images are illustrations, not actual product.

Data cables for open ports are sold separately. Click here to purchase.

Product Options
9 inches
9 inches
  • 9 inches
  • 2 inches
White Plastic with Silver Braided Cord
White Plastic with Silver Braided Cord
  • White Plastic with Silver Braided Cord
  • White Plastic Chevron Honey & White Cord
  • White Plastic Dusk & White Pinstripe Cord
  • White Plastic Zigzag Fog & White Cord
  • Fog Plastic with Brass Braided Cord
  • Fog Plastic Chevron Berry & Fog Cord
  • Fog Plastic Pinstripe Fog & Poppy Cord
  • Fog Plastic Zigzag Storm & Fog Cord
  • Storm Plastic with Silver Braided Cord
  • Storm Plastic Chevron Poppy & Storm Cord
  • Storm Plastic Pinstripe Fog & Storm Cord
  • Storm Plastic Zigzag Black & Storm Cord
  • Black Plastic with Gunmetal Braided Cord
  • Black Plastic Chevron Black & Storm Cord
  • Black Plastic Pinstripe Black & White Cord
  • Black Plastic Zigzag Black & Berry Cord

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