Sleek, flexible, and all-together nifty. This corded system delivers conveniently mounted, and below-surface power and USB to multiple users in a range of settings. Twine is what every extension cord would like to be when it grows up. With just one sleek infeed, this system can elegantly power up to 6 Byrne accessories. It comes in a stylish black finish with multiple integrated accessories available. to suit your design needs. Build your own by using our Twine Configurator.

Standard Features:

  • Integrated Accessories offered: MiniTap and Pepper (Round push-up mount) 
  • Finish: Black Plastic
  • Power & USB
  • Scalable "Trunk" Cord Lengths up to 25 feet
  • Up to 5 "Knot" Assemblies
  • Up to 8 power outlets with multiple USB ports
  • "Branch" lengths up to 6 ft. on each extension
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