Branching Desk Kits (Work From Home)

Byrne’s new Branching Kits are super-powered 2-in-1 (or 3-in-1!) solutions that put access just where it’s needed – with smart accessories above the surface or utility power below. Or both. From 110-power and USB outlets to wireless charging technology, these ready-to-rock solutions are built to accommodate even the heaviest power users out there. 

Desk Kits for work-from-home warriors who need to power laptops, lighting, height-adjustable tables, smartphones and other accessories. Table Kits for software engineers and serious gamers running hard drives, multiple screens, headphones and more. Even Lounge Kits that keep users comfortably connected in hotel or reception spaces.

Each Branching Kit requires only basic installation (if any at all), and because safety always comes first, every Byrne product is tested to the highest standards. Sleek and streamlined with modern good looks, our work from home kits even earned a 2020 Best of Year award nomination from Interior Design magazine. They’re easy to set up, easy to move – and all with just one cord to plug in!

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