Branching Desk Kits (Work From Home)

We all know that power is only as good as it is close, and with more people working from home than ever before, that can get a bit complicated. Remote workers find themselves sharing their “offices” with a spouse, children or other relatives – and many of those offices look quite a bit like a kitchen table or one end of the sofa. There’s a whole lot of togetherness out there right now. And a lot of technology, too. You’ve got family members all hunting for a place to plug in – and that access to power is not optional.

Byrne’s Work From Home Kits are the easiest ways to solve for power needs. Branching kits provide loads of power and charging above and below the worksurface, with popular Byrne Dean, Burelé Qi, Miki and or Trippel power accessories built right in. And power access is spaced out with the elbow room multiple users need to get stuff done. Attractive. Robust. Durable. And the best part? Only one outlet is needed to power the whole kit – and a whole crew. No tools required!


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