We're the ones who pick something up, turn it around and take it apart. We're problem solvers. It's just the way we're wired.


Over fifty years ago, our founder Norman Byrne started manufacturing discreet wire harnesses for the marine and auto industry. Once word got out that Norm really knew his stuff, people began bringing him all sorts of power problems—from construction equipment to household appliances. There was even a ballpark scoreboard in the mix!


One year before Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple computer, Byrne moved to Grand Rapids as Ford Motor Company’s primary supplier of speaker leads and began exploring solutions for office power management.

“It can't be done.”

  - Said no one ever at Byrne  


The same year Microsoft released Windows 1.0, Byrne earned the first of what is now 700+ power and charging patents.


As the first iPhone hit the market, Byrne's growth prompted a comprehensive Global Business Strategy, leading to expansions in Asia and Mexico. 


In an electrifying milestone, Byrne celebrated their 50th anniversary, cementing their legacy as pioneers and electrical specialists.

Constant innovation and improvement continues to drive everything we build.

It's true... we're different. You won't find another company like Byrne. We're specialists focused on a singular goal—to power your world.

We keep the world