Byrne delivers a wide range of power and data solutions to help our customers better connect to what’s important. From office spaces to learning and hospitality environments, we approach every technology challenge with fresh, innovative thinking, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and on-time delivery. For the power to be your best, it's Byrne.


Byrne is committed to economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable business practices that recognize the short- and long-term concerns of our stakeholders. After all, green is our color. Our commitment includes, but is not limited to, the following policies that guide our conduct and decision making:


Quality Policy

Byrne Electrical Specialists creates power and technology distribution solutions the world over. Our commitment to continual improvement and the following objectives allows us to meet and exceed our customer’s requirements.

Our objectives are: Safety, on time delivery, quality product (FTQ & Low Life Cycle Costs). With a focus on innovation, code approval, company reputation and engineering and technical support.


Environmental Policy

Byrne is committed to protecting the environment through its commitments to fulfill its compliance obligations. All Byrne partners are required to adhere to company standards for protecting the environment and the health and safety of our internal and external stakeholders including employees, customers, communities and contractors; and we conduct our business in the same manner. This includes honest efforts to protect the environment, conserve natural resources, and minimize waste. We will work to enhance our environmental performance through Byrne’s environmental management system.


Design for Environment

It is Byrne’s policy to strongly consider the environmental impact of materials chosen when creating new products or making design changes to our existing products. These considerations include where the materials come from and use of the product during its lifetime, as well as end-of-life product and component recovery options. Our design team will give preference to renewable, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, where feasible, and will also steer design decisions toward conservation of raw materials, water and energy during the manufacturing process.


Design for Durability | Upgradeability

Byrne’s electrical components are manufactured to have a long and useful life and are deliberately designed for straightforward maintenance, servicing, and reassembly for the products they are incorporated into. The electrical and lighting components we supply are easily replaceable and/or upgradeable in order to make our customers’ products refurbishable for multiple uses by the original or future users.


Chemical Management

Byrne is committed to regularly evaluating the chemicals used in our facilities, and in our products, for human and ecosystem health impacts. We’ll continuously work to identify the chemical constituents in our products and finishes through communication with our suppliers—with the goal that we effectively eliminate any chemicals of concern and find alternatives to those that may pose a health risk. Internally, we’ll track all chemicals coming into our facilities through maintenance of a chemical inventory that includes information about their acquisition, use, storage, transportation, and final disposition. To protect our team members from liability to chemical exposure, safety data sheets are stored in an electronic filing system and are easily accessible.


Energy Policy

Byrne is committed to continuously improving our processes and procedures related to energy conservation, as well as meeting all local, state, and federal regulations. As part of our environmental management system (EMS), we’ll monitor our performance and set objectives and targets directly related to energy conservation. And we’ll review them regularly. To hold ourselves accountable to Byrne’s energy reduction goals, we’ll develop and be transparent with our performance metrics, communicating these frequently to team members. We’ll also report our annual performance to external stakeholders through publicly available, voluntary reporting outlets. Byrne’s commitment to energy conservation includes the reduction of overall energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as energy efficiency and other environmental considerations when purchasing new equipment.


Inbound | Outbound Transportation

Byrne is committed to reducing transportation-related emissions through idling reductions, carrier selection, and fewer unnecessary trips outside the company. At our facilities, we also have an idling reduction policy in place for internal and 3rd party fleet vehicles. Environmental criteria, such as initiatives to improve fleet performance, are strongly considered when selecting 3rd party carriers for inbound and outbound transit.


Solid Waste Management

Byrne has implemented a 100% waste diversion goal for all waste streams that result from the manufacture of our products. We’ll continuously work to meet this end, employing material efficiency and recycling strategies that will, over time, divert all manufacturing waste from being incinerated or sent to the landfill.


Social Responsibility Policy

To grow our business, we must grow our people. Byrne supports ongoing employee education and training that extends from supervisor training, cross training, and product and customer education, to tuition reimbursement for voluntary employee education.


Corporate Ethics

Byrne strives to maintain a culture of the highest integrity. This culture depends upon each of us treating each other with fairness, dignity and respect. It’s about being open, honest and trustworthy and complying with all applicable laws and regulations, which include local and national codes, as well as applicable treaties. All officers and employees of Byrne are required to promptly report any illegal or unethical behavior that violates the Byrne Code of Conduct to management or other appropriate authorities.


Insider Trading | Conflict of Interest

Byrne is a privately held company. Because of this, there are no requirements to publicly disclose any information regarding our business or financial results. However, it’s company policy that all employees, directors and agents of Byrne and our subsidiaries recognize and avoid situations where personal interests are, or appear to be, in conflict with Byrne interests. This includes maintaining confidentiality of nonpublic information and not acting on such information for personal gain; safeguarding and properly using Byrne proprietary information, assets and resources, as well as those entrusted to Byrne by customers and suppliers; and complying with applicable laws and regulations for safeguarding and using individually-identifiable personal information.


Receipt of Gifts

To avoid conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such, employees of Byrne are to avoid giving or receiving gifts or entertainment that would violate any applicable law or regulation, or reflect negatively on our reputation.


Health & Safety

Employee safety is a chief priority at Byrne. We are committed to providing and maintaining a work environment that is clean and safe for employees. Byrne complies with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations, as emphasized in our WorkSafe policy. In order to fulfill this mission, employees and management must work together to eliminate any hazards that may result in potential or actual threats to our employees or the company as a whole. The guidelines that support this policy are provided to all Byrne employees and are intended to target work practices that promote a safe workplace at all times.



It is Byrne’s policy to comply with all regulations related to providing an inclusive work environment—including equal employment opportunities for all qualified employees and applicants. We will not unlawfully discriminate because of an individual's race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, weight, height, marital/veteran status or non-disqualifying disability. This policy applies to all personnel practices, including hiring, recruiting, termination, and compensation. All employees are expected to comply with both the letter and the spirit of this policy.


Labor & Human Rights

It’s our policy to protect and respect the basic human rights of our employees and associates. Byrne commits to upholding all applicable employment laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum wages, overtime, and other elements of compensation, as well as labor and human rights at the local, national, and global level that protect workers and prohibit forced, compulsory, or child labor.


Community Engagement

Byrne has a long history of proudly supporting 501(c)(3) organizations. Additionally, our company has supported local community efforts through the Rockford Chamber of Commerce and other organizations. Byrne also supports employees in their charitable work and advocacy for like-minded organizations, reserving the right to match employee contributions to such organizations with prior approval and proof of eligibility.



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