You make it beautiful, we'll make it powerful. Truth be told, there's not much we love more than rolling up our sleeves and working through a power problem—especially the ones no one else seems to be able to solve. 

Bringing your ideas to life.


Collaborating early on lets us put our knowledge and know-how to work right from the start.


Our team is all about getting from prototype to approval as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


We'll control the entire process—supply chain, speed to market, costs, and we can continue alongside you all the way. 

If you can dream it, we can deliver it.

"Hand me a pencil" was something our founder would always say. Then, much to the irritation of the cleaning staff, he would sketch out an idea on the nearest table top, wall or whatever was nearby. That "dream it, draw it, do it" thinking remains alive and well with our engineers. Forget off-the-shelf, think more off-the-wall... literally. If you have a power dream, we can make it come true. 

Even our customer service is customized.

Our entire product portfolio is built to be customized. You can spec colors, ports and technology one-at-a-time or all at once. Or you can design your complete own solution. The customer is always right, right? And because so much of what we make is already UL listed, picking power that's safe and smart is simple—and so is setting yourself apart in today's crowded market.

There are benefits to working with control freaks.

Controlling our own supply chains, raw materials, transportation, warehousing, sales and distribution allows us to maintain control of our quality and delivery times, and gives us the best possible ability to control our pricing. While in some circles being labeled a control freak might be considered an insult—when we hear it from one of our customers, we consider it quite the compliment. 

Your space. Your power.

Your way.

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