MhoB boasts the best of Byrne’s popular Mho product, but with some thoughtful, new features. Like a powdercoated aluminum finish, and a durable, streamlined construction that makes it more affordable than ever. MhoB’s one-touch, retractable door design allows it to remain open during use for easy access. 

Standard Features:

  • Finish: powdercoated aluminum: White, Black, Silver
  • Available in a variety of power and USB options
  • Fluid one touch accessibility
  • UL Listed
  • Configurations with four or more power receive a Circuit Breaker Cord

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Product Number: BE04076-1-1-Z184-UB1-72

Configured part Images are illustrations, not actual product.

Data cables for open ports are sold separately. Click here to purchase.

Quantity pricing for current configuration:

1 – 9 units
10 – 99 units
100+ units
Please contact Byrne Customer Relations at (800) 999-3567 for more information.

MhoB® will be ready to ship to you in 5 days. Need it sooner? For a little extra, it's yours in just 48 hours.

Specification Sheet

Product Options
1 Power / 1 USB Charger
1 Power / 1 USB Charger
Gloss Black Powdercoat
Gloss Black Powdercoat
  • Matte Black
  • Gloss White Powdercoat
  • Gloss Black Powdercoat
  • Matte White
72 Inches (Corded)
72 Inches (Corded)
  • 72 Inches (Corded)
  • 120 Inches (Corded)
  • 72 Inches (Hardwired)

Configuration Suggestion

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