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Have your ever seen a fish like this?

We might not be able to customize your goldfish, but you bet we can customize one of our products just for you!

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  • USB Type C

    Does the C stand for clever? Convenient? Cutting-edge connection? We’re going with all of the above. As more and more tech devices continue to develop USB-C as their charging platform, we understand the trend and see USB-C positioned to be the new industry standard. That’s why were offering the benefits of this groundbreaking universal interface in just about every product we make. No more scrambling for the right cord or the right connector. And the best part? It’s available as one of our interchangeable “chicklets”—self-contained simplexes that make it easy to personalize any Byrne product with just the data, power or accessories you need. Across platforms, from smart phones to tablets and laptops, USB-C is where technology is going—and with Byrne, you’re already there.

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  • USB A+C

    As technology evolves, the need to bridge the gap between existing and new platforms is essential. Here, combining these powerful 2 AMP ports in a blended Byrne-only solution means more options, more flexibility. It just makes sense. USB A+C   offers an inclusive design that works for everyone—giving current smartphones and tablets the charge they need, while supporting cutting-edge technologies, too.

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  • Retrofit USB

    Retrofit USB offers 2 Amps per port, and can be installed in most Byrne products - either by us or in the field. Retrofit USB takes the space of one data port, and snaps into place easily, making it simple to upgrade your technology.

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  • Retrofit USB-C

    Retrofit USB-C can be installed in most Byrne products - either by us or in the field. Retrofit USB-C takes the space of one data port, and snaps into place easily, making it simple to upgrade your technology. 

    Standard Features:

    • 18 Watt or 60 Watt power supply delivering 3.6 - 12 Volts, default 5V (variable voltage based on device's needs)
    • 18 Watt Retrofit USB-C is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
    • 60 Watt Retrofit USB-C uses USB Power Delivery protocol to power everything from phones to laptops
    • Uses intelligent negotiation for optimum voltage, which allows devices to determine the power level they need
    • For charging only 
    • Charges USB-C enabled smart phones, tablets and laptops


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  • Passive USB-A

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  • Passive USB-C

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  • Bluetooth Speaker

    Meeting spaces are changing, and evolving—being used in different ways throughout the day. Shorter discussions just to touch base, lengthy conference calls, and heads down solo work can all happen in the same room. And do. This is why we’ve integrated our custom Bluetooth®-enabled speaker into a wide range of Byrne’s favorite accessory products—allowing any work space to double as a dedicated conference call zone. Just walk up, turn it on, and wirelessly connect. It even offers the added benefit of power and USB charging. This high-quality speaker pairs easily with most mobile devices and is tuned for optimal sound—whether you’re closing an important deal or grooving to your own playlist.

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  • Empower Tool

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