Byrne Renews Its Commitment to Sustainability

Byrne Renews Its Commitment to Sustainability

When it comes to environmental consciousness, Byrne adopts a straightforward philosophy: continual improvement. As a manufacturer, our dedication lies in more than just words; it's about tangible actions. We are steadfast in our mission to create products and implement processes that consistently contribute to sustainability.


ISO14001 Certification 

Back in 2017, we adopted a formal environmental management system and were subsequently certified to the ISO14001 standard. Third party certification to this internationally recognized standard ensures that we are doing our best when it comes to efficient use of resources and reducing our waste. It requires us to take a holistic view of our environmental contributions in all areas, such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste management, water and sewage management, occupational health and safety, and more related categories. In 2020 we achieved “mature” levels and high praise in many audit divisions. We are excited to renew our ISO14001 certification again this year and continue to reduce our environmental impact 


BIFMA (Business and Institutional Manufacturers) is a non-profit organization that sets safety, durability, and sustainability standards within the furniture industry. LEVEL® by BIFMA is a certification program that allows furniture manufacturers to be evaluated by third-party certifiers. Achieving the LEVEL certification means our products are responsibly made. The program offers 3 performance tiers, LEVEL 1, 2, and 3. While we already have over 50 products that are BIFMA LEVEL certified, in 2023 we added 6 new products to our BIFMA LEVEL e3 Certification. Byrne is the first in the power industry to be BIFMA LEVEL Certified, which is no small feat. Integrating solutions like these can help our customers to achieve points towards their own green initiatives. To find the full list of our BIFMA LEVEL certified products, click here. 


Intertek Gold Certification

All our BIFMA Level e3 certified products also hold the Intertek Clean Air Gold Certification, which measures the environmental impact of VOC emissions from products. Our customers can breathe easy knowing these products contribute to healthier indoor environmentsAs a bonus, these products support our customers to achieve compliance with initiatives like LEED, WELL Building, and Living Building Challenge. Byrne is proud to possess an In-House LEED Certification, which you can read more about here 

Cradle to Cradle


Constant innovation and improvement drives us. We’re not afraid to be the first. Since 2009, we have been and still are the ONLY power supplier to manufacture products that are Cradle to Cradle Certified. This is a globally recognized certification used to measure safer, more sustainable production. It doesn’t stop at just the product. It provides framework for responsibility across five categories of sustainability performance: Material Health, Product Circularity, Clean Air and Climate Protection, Water and Soil Stewardship, and Social Fairness. We understand the importance of each of these five areas and embrace advancements and developments to help us ensure we are doing our part in protecting the planet. 

What Our Future Holds


Our pledge to our customers, suppliers, and ourselves is unwavering: we will persistently amplify our commitment to a brighter future. With each stride we take towards more sustainable practices, we not only safeguard our planet for future generations but also inspire a global community to join us in this noble endeavor. So let us remain adamant in our commitment, knowing that every effort, every improvement, brings us closer to a more sustainable future.  

 Explore our sustainability page to learn more about our initiatives and how we do things a little greener around here. 

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