Finch™ Takes Flight

Finch™ Takes Flight

Byrne’s clever new accessory is perfectly positioned to elevate any space with easily-accessible power from both the front and back.

In the world of power, like the natural world itself, there’s beauty in simplicity. When things are easy to find, easy to use – it can provide a sense of gratification that’s almost…magical.

Our team here at Byrne understood the growing need for an innovative, hardworking accessory that could provide this ease of use. A simply elegant solution built to both power and empower any user.

So, we built one. And named it Finch™.

In nature, the Finch is truly a thing to behold and it’s no surprise that Byrne’s own is just as lovely. Driven by the company’s Powerful Design philosophy that products can – and should – be as beautiful as they are functional, Finch is both smart and sophisticated. With smooth lines, and a gently curved anodized aluminum extrusion, it’s offered in a warm, natural palette of color-saturated new metallics. Stylishly at home in any working space, it was even recognized by Interior Design Magazine as a 2022 BOY Award finalist in the office accessories category.

But pretty is as pretty does.

And that’s what makes this little Finch a big game changer.


Like its feathered namesake, this Finch perches happily on the edge of any desktop or just below the surface. Compact, but undeniably mighty, power comes standard in a 5- port or 3-port option. And for a bit of that Byrne magic – the 5-port allows users to plug in from both sides.

“Parsing out workplace power based on how it’s used has always been tricky,” says Parker Genau, Industrial Designer. “Phones and laptops require easy charging above the worksurface, while things like lighting and CPUs don’t. That often means juggling different accessories, multiple cords, multiple outlets, and a whole lot of clutter.”

But with power access available from both sides, Finch is built to fly solo. Front and back, Byrne’s 5-port delivers three 110 outlets, two USB-A and three USB-C ports. Its clever two-sided arrangement delivers quick access from the front with plenty of power in back for items that stay plugged in. All with a single cord. A single outlet. And no electrician required. It’s the perfect solution for any user looking for two-tier functionality who isn’t quite ready to make the leap to a full power system.

“Finch’s design – the profile, functionality, cool metallic palette – it all feels like something really new for Byrne,” says Kristen Hummel, Brand Marketing Manager. “It’s a next level power approach for us and it’s driving new design thinking for other accessories too.”

According to American folklore, a Finch reminds us to seek out the paths in life that fill us with a sense of freedom and happiness. The Byrne team agrees that they couldn’t write a better mission statement for the company’s newest addition if they tried.

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