Finch™ Takes Flight

Byrne’s clever new accessory is perfectly positioned to elevate any space with easily-accessible power from both the front and back.

Outlet Sparking: Staying Connected & Safe

Did you know that there’s a spark every time an electrical outlet connection is made? You may not always see that little flash of light, but it’s there—both when plugging in and pulling a plug out. Creating that spark might catch you by surprise, but it’s totally normal. While most sparks ...
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The Power Puzzle: Reaching Middle Ground

More and more, companies are embracing open concept work spaces—areas designed around optimizing human interaction and collaboration. And for many people, this kind of dynamic, synergistic work isn’t very likely if workers are tethered against the wall. Looking to create an active, team ...
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What are the Risks of Non UL Listed Products in Your Workplace?

Outfitting an entire office space can seem daunting at first. Confronting a budget in this scenario is particularly complicated. And in times like this, it can be easy to want to find a way to cut a few corners and save some cost.But finding cheaper (emphasis on the cheaper) products to outfit the ...
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UL Listed vs. UL Recognized: What's the difference?

If you’ve been browsing this blog (or other helpful resources around electrical components and products), then you’ve probably come into contact with the phrases “UL Listed” and “UL Recognized.” But what do they mean? And which one is more important?But first of all, what is “UL?” ...
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